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Projection Mapping


About Dimension

Projection Mapping

David Biggs

Projection mapping is a tool for the new age artist. it surpasses the limitation of canvas , wood and other base materials.

It is the begining of thoughts taking shape with no limitation to the creator.

Size doesn't matter , shapes do not matter all we needs is a structure and let the magic begin.

My inspiration comes from crystals and geometric meshes. I look at the organic world like a complex geometric equation where the answer to all questions is in front of you. A professor once told me that even though the world is round but any and every part of it can be represented in triangles. From that day i have seen triangles in every creation of nature and this geometric fantacy has helped me to create a blend between futuristic forms and shapes and our mother nature.

I believe this is a time where the future is closer than its ever been and as concious beings we need to be on this path to discover the next phenomenon. 

Enter The Dimension of light, art and awareness and let me create the future for you.

- Arnav Taode / Art Curator