Originally from Malaysia, Akash Sandhu moved to Auckland in 2007 to complete her education. She was awe-struck by the Full-On Psychedelic Sound after her first outdoor Phat Productions Experience at Madagascar, 2012. Akasha in Sanskrit is the first element of creation, the substratum or very basic form of sound.

She started DJing to express her love for earthy, elemental Full-On Psychedelic Trance. With support from friends and the Phat Crew she adopted Akasha at her Alien Nation debut in 2014. Akasha has realised her passion not for partying but for being a part of it and become a regular fixture at Phat Productions, Rural Remix, Twisted Frequencies, Alternate Species and Aum. She landed her first international gig at Konchunaburi in Thailand and has since performed in Malaysia as well.

A proud member of the Phat Productions Crew, her style is futuristic influenced by artists like Mechanimal, Eclipse Echoes & Aphid Moon to name a few. Be sure to catch one of Akasha's full power sets at the next party!