Big Dave

Growing up in a family of childrens music performers, Dave discovered psychedelic trance on Kariotahi Beach on the west coast of New Zealand, and from then on life had changed forever.  

His journey took him to the UK where he then spent three years attending many outdoor and illegal (“squat”) parties in the London underground scene, where he made many lifelong friends.  From there he started playing in the London underground parties, first one being in a massive 5 floor building in north London, and then taking on a number of morning mash up sets with friends from Wildthings Records Beardy and EVP.

However after discovering the incredible Opus sound system he decided he had to bring this experience to New Zealand, and came back to start Phat Productions.

His style is very much the London underground vibe – having it the whole time, psychedelic and s “Slamming” – always delivering the goods when the crowd needs it.  Make sure you catch him at the next party!

DJ Sets