DJ AKASHA is the project of Akash Sandhu who is based in New Zealand. She comes from a family of music enthusiasts, passionate singers and a deeply rooted Punjabi culture that loves to celebrate festivities with dancing parties.

Akasha began listening to electronic music at the age of 12 thanks to the influences from her brother.
She discovered the psychedelic scene after moving to New Zealand. In 2012, she was awe struck by the full on psychedelic sound she experienced at her first outdoor party 'Phat Production' in Madagascar. Akasha had discovered what she was looking for, and instantly knew she wanted to learn to mix.

She adopted the alias AKASHA, which in Sanskrit means the first element of creation, the substratum or very basic form of sound.

Two years later, Akasha was dropping sets at gigs all over New Zealand following her NZ debut at Alien Nation 2014 plus landed gigs in Malaysia (her origin) and Thailand - playing at stunning locations, outdoor festivals, clubs, boat parties and more.

She became a label DJ for 'Phat Production' and also joined emerging Australian label 'Higher Recordings', following her Australian debut in Melbourne and Byron Bay

Akasha's musical style is dark and energetic with groovy melodies and a element of futuristic psychedelica. Her tracks are carefully selected with a personal reminiscing touch, which she enjoys sharing with the rest of the psy world.