Eve Sweetman, also known as VJ ICU is a visual artist who uses both digital and mixed media to create abstract psychedelic art. Eve Sweetman aka VJ ICU, from Devonport, Auckland became inspired as a psychedelic artist from the experiences she gained by attending the Phat Production’s events from 2012 onwards.

One experience in particular opened up her minds eye to the power of bending visuals and twisting the imagination. After that singular moment Eve was now on the mission to become a Vj. Seeking guidance from the one like Vj Benski the original inspiration she had had at Dimension, and with the help of Team Optrix and the Phat Productions crew she is now frames deep piecing together her dream. Her aspirations elude to be creating her own unique animated and generative visuals that pack a whopping punch, whilst involving other artists to collaborate and make their creations come to life.