Miss Molly

After first being introduced to Psy Trance at a New Years festival in Whitianga in 2005, Lil Miss Molly caght the vibe. After a year of going to solid parties and immersing herself in the culture of the scene she was given a few cheeky djing lessons and the fun really began. The Otherworld Crew saw the twinkle in her eye and saw fit to give Miss Molly her first gig at one of their underground parties in Hamilton.

Miss Molly's passion for music and dancing runs deep and at the time couldn't understand why she never saw many female Djs. After being told by a couple egotistical top40 DJs that she couldn't do it, she was even more determined to prove a point. One thing led to another and before she knew it she was the proud owner of some turntables and really began to fall in love with psychedelic music. Miss Molly initially starting out playing Progressive but as the years have gone by she has slowly been dipping her stiletto into the Full On without succumbing entirely.

Miss Molly has achieved much acclaim playing quite a number of evets including; The prog room at space, previous Dimensions, Madagascar. Alien Nation, Otherworld, Nuvolution, Twisted Planet parties, and Wonderland - Musik is Magik,and the Psy Salad Radio Show. She is influenced by the likes of; Shiva Chandra, Sensient, Tetrameth, Burn In Noise, Headroom & Ital. These days to descibe lil Miss Molly you would use terms like meaty, driving and grunty, this is one dj who is 'not here to f@$k spiders', she is here to just share good tunes. We are absolutly priviledged to have Lil Miss Molly playing at Dimension, Look out for her chunky driving sets.