Sonic Climax


Often called 'The Machine' for his marathon approach as a dancer and DJ alike, Bernd is a 'musical veteran' from Germany. Growing up in a musical family he started playing drums and percussion as a kid and was always hard to remove from dance floors. With the advent of electronic dance music he realized that 'conventional music' was only a stepping stone towards DJ'ing so he sold his drums to purchase turntables and a mixer in 1994.

Bernd soon found dance parties and festivals to be his natural habitat where he could flourish and expand not just his but also other's consciousness. Mostly active in the Underground Techno Szene he played countless gigs in Europe before moving to New Zealand in 2001 to focus on Psychedelic Trance. 

Bernd has played events like Cyberculture, Dreamweavers, Splore, Dimensions and Weekend Safari ( both Phat Productions), Mad Compressor Sound System (New Caledonia), regular appearances at Twisted Planet and Trancevaders, is a fixture at AUM Productions festivals and is also co-host and resident DJ at Rural Remix Productions.

Bernd’s deep sense of rhythm combined with analytical skills enable him to whip out lengthy, structured mixes creating a journey for the crowd to dive in. He is especially adept at 3+ hour - 3 deck performances mixing nearly non-stop. His popularity and consistent involvement in the Psy scene have earned Sonic Climax prime time slots at most trance parties in the Auckland area. 
He layers colourful, uplifting, and highly energetic progressive psytrance in the 136-142 BPM range.

Sonic Climax has played alongside names like Atmos, Antix, Chicago, 1200 Mics, Tripswitch, Young Kim, Suduaya, Rinkadink, Tetrameth, Spectrasonic, Interpulse, The Psyentists, Jekyll Noqualms, Lucy Illume, Hanuman, Tanzen Hilft, Complement, Ray Castle, Natz, Pied Piper Paul and many others.