Right from the beginning of Phat Productions there was Skylab. Always tinkering, always perfecting, he's like the evil genius of the bunch except he uses his powers to ensure the parties are always peaking at their best. Steve H aka Sky Lab is a multi talented core member of the Phat productions team. Steve has put a lot of his passion for creating the vibe into these events and the parties are usually littered with his artwork and construction. 

Like most things Steve turns his hand to playing full on psytrance was no different, and 10 years later he's still blasting dance floors all over New Zealand. You can always expect Steve to take it to the next level whether it be morning or night so be ready for this guy to to take control of your mind, body, and soul.

DJ Pie

Hailing from the land of the long white cloud Simon T aka Dj Pie has been spinning the wheels of steel since the early 90's. He gained a lot of experience by playing through many genres including Old Skool Rave, Happy Hardcore, Funky House, Breaks, Progressive, and Full On Psy Trance. Although never producing, Pie is not just a Dj but a collector and scourer of music, a tinkerer, a playlister, and with that he has a unique ability to slot in anywhere at the party.

Mixing style preferably is deep and furious, often at times going so deep that before he realises it, he is several meters below the party coverting with aliens in their spaceship (usually taking tea and milk and biccies if they are on offer) before a serious bassline snaps him back to his chosen reality. Having grown up on high energy underground rave music, Simon was playing Nu Skool Breaks when Big Dave first broached him with the urgent news that there was a serious shortage of Full On Psy being played in New Zealand, and that he would be doing his civic duty by joining Phat Productions and slamming out decent Full On Psychedelic at parties in Nz.

Pie quickly immersed himself in the scene, finding a true bond with the high energy Full On Psy sound. Not expecting it to take his breath away, a decade has now passed and Pie has now cemented himself at the core of Phat Productions. Using the parties to satiate his absolute love of playing that Full On sound through the Opus, Pie has been honing and refining his sound to keep the flexibility to allow him to blast all day and all night. Pie has played at nearly every Phat Productions party since its inception, and in the last 3 years he held a Saturday Night Live residency on 'Psydetrackd' Psy Trance Radio blasting out to a world wide audience. He has a good following on Mixcloud with over 100 Full On Psy Trance mixes to listen to.

Join him at the next party for tea and biccies with the aliens.


Miss Molly

After first being introduced to Psy Trance at a New Years festival in Whitianga in 2005, Lil Miss Molly caght the vibe. After a year of going to solid parties and immersing herself in the culture of the scene she was given a few cheeky djing lessons and the fun really began. The Otherworld Crew saw the twinkle in her eye and saw fit to give Miss Molly her first gig at one of their underground parties in Hamilton.

Miss Molly's passion for music and dancing runs deep and at the time couldn't understand why she never saw many female Djs. After being told by a couple egotistical top40 DJs that she couldn't do it, she was even more determined to prove a point. One thing led to another and before she knew it she was the proud owner of some turntables and really began to fall in love with psychedelic music. Miss Molly initially starting out playing Progressive but as the years have gone by she has slowly been dipping her stiletto into the Full On without succumbing entirely.

Miss Molly has achieved much acclaim playing quite a number of evets including; The prog room at space, previous Dimensions, Madagascar. Alien Nation, Otherworld, Nuvolution, Twisted Planet parties, and Wonderland - Musik is Magik,and the Psy Salad Radio Show. She is influenced by the likes of; Shiva Chandra, Sensient, Tetrameth, Burn In Noise, Headroom & Ital. These days to descibe lil Miss Molly you would use terms like meaty, driving and grunty, this is one dj who is 'not here to f@$k spiders', she is here to just share good tunes. We are absolutly priviledged to have Lil Miss Molly playing at Dimension, Look out for her chunky driving sets.



Playing cranking psytrance that encompass's the classic 303 driven Goa sound through to the clean, modern psy sound, DJ and producer, Biggins has been blasting out psy of all different flavours across the southern hemisphere since his arrival from the UK in 2005. Characterised by solid rolling basslines and soaring leads, Biggins’ sets twist, turn and blend together to provide that all-consuming trance-floor journey. Absolutely stoked to be back playing with Phat Productions after a hiatus in Australia where he has been ripping up the underground



DJ AKASHA is the project of Akash Sandhu who is based in New Zealand. She comes from a family of music enthusiasts, passionate singers and a deeply rooted Punjabi culture that loves to celebrate festivities with dancing parties.

Akasha began listening to electronic music at the age of 12 thanks to the influences from her brother.
She discovered the psychedelic scene after moving to New Zealand. In 2012, she was awe struck by the full on psychedelic sound she experienced at her first outdoor party 'Phat Production' in Madagascar. Akasha had discovered what she was looking for, and instantly knew she wanted to learn to mix.

She adopted the alias AKASHA, which in Sanskrit means the first element of creation, the substratum or very basic form of sound.

Two years later, Akasha was dropping sets at gigs all over New Zealand following her NZ debut at Alien Nation 2014 plus landed gigs in Malaysia (her origin) and Thailand - playing at stunning locations, outdoor festivals, clubs, boat parties and more.

She became a label DJ for 'Phat Production' and also joined emerging Australian label 'Higher Recordings', following her Australian debut in Melbourne and Byron Bay

Akasha's musical style is dark and energetic with groovy melodies and a element of futuristic psychedelica. Her tracks are carefully selected with a personal reminiscing touch, which she enjoys sharing with the rest of the psy world.



Dj Adamint After a failed entrepreneurial career designing a line of spit roasted chocolates, Adam found himself seeking inspiration on a more spiritually rewarding level… Chatter rings.

Incorporating his previously developed skills of running in sand with jandals, Adam perfected the art we commonly refer to as straw hat making. Adam is a specialist at not really maintaining relevancy. Influenced by melting checkered shapes, Adam definitely knows how to maintain specific items within the d-floor area. And create a multi discombobulating frequency simulation! Catch him doing stuff exclusively at the next Phat event.




Eve Sweetman, also known as VJ ICU is a visual artist who uses both digital and mixed media to create abstract psychedelic art. Eve Sweetman aka VJ ICU, from Devonport, Auckland became inspired as a psychedelic artist from the experiences she gained by attending the Phat Production’s events from 2012 onwards.

One experience in particular opened up her minds eye to the power of bending visuals and twisting the imagination. After that singular moment Eve was now on the mission to become a Vj. Seeking guidance from the one like Vj Benski the original inspiration she had had at Dimension, and with the help of Team Optrix and the Phat Productions crew she is now frames deep piecing together her dream. Her aspirations elude to be creating her own unique animated and generative visuals that pack a whopping punch, whilst involving other artists to collaborate and make their creations come to life.

Big Dave


Growing up in a family of childrens music performers, Dave discovered psychedelic trance on Kariotahi Beach on the west coast of New Zealand, and from then on life had changed forever.  

His journey took him to the UK where he then spent three years attending many outdoor and illegal (“squat”) parties in the London underground scene, where he made many lifelong friends.  From there he started playing in the London underground parties, first one being in 5 floor building filled with ravers in north London, and then taking on a number of morning mash up sets with friends from Wildthings Records Beardy and EVP.

However after discovering the incredible Opus sound system he decided he had to bring this experience to New Zealand, and came back to start Phat Productions.

His style is very much the London underground vibe – having it the whole time, psychedelic and “Slamming” – always delivering the goods when the crowd needs it.  Make sure you catch him at Dimension!