Dj Cymatic is Vijay Ravikumar.

Vijay moved to NZ in 2006 and was deeply into the Heavy Metal and Death Metal scene.

Few years later in 2011, due to peer pressure Vijay ended up at the Phat Productions Madagascar party and was “mind blasted” by the vibe and the sound of Psychedelic Trance. Soon after the “conversion” he picked up Djing and with the help of friends gave birth to DJ Cymatic.

Cymatic Started off his DJ career playing Full on with a lot of influence from artists like Shift, Neuroplasm, Brainiac, Endeavour to name a few but slowly evolved a deep, groovy, more psychedelic sound like Ajja, Southwild, Archaic, Gaspard, Parasense etc.

His energy, enthusiasm and dedication has landed him few amazing gigs around NZ and Ireland. Alienation Festival, Rural Remiox, Stomping Tech to name a few, and is a regular fixture in Dimension and other Phat Productions events around New Zealand.

Favourite Formula: Thoughts = Reality

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