DJ Pie

Dealing out the solid beats and bouncy Bass.

Thats how Simon describes his mission when it comes to playing psychedelic music. He loves getting in deep in the mix and furiously switching up the tunes so the bass keep bouncing. Having grown up on underground rave Happy Hardcore music, big systems, big parties left an impression on this dj and there was a significant void left when the Hardcore scene left our shores. Satiating his musical appetite in the interim years playing Nu Skool Breaks and Tech Funk, Simon developed his skills technically mixing music and honing his talent on Radio. In 2006 Simon was intoduced to Fullon Psy trance. So much of his passion for high energy music had now returned thru the hypnotic alphawave rhythms and stonking bass of Fullon Psy trance. Today Simon peels out sets of fullon bouncing basslines and groovin melodies, taking the dancefloor through the portal and beyond.

Simon has enjoyed playing a variety of clubs and bars over the years including many lounges, basements, kitchens, decks and lofts. Simon also hosts a weekly radio show called 'Psydetracked' on Dunedin Radio station Radio One.

"For me its about those bouncy tunes, i really enjoy the energy that they give off. Playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and on the dance floor without you realizing it. Psy Trance is an amazing full on music, it fills you up and takes you away. Before you know it its daylight and you have worn in your own personal patch on the dancefloor"

Check out Simon's radio show Psydetracked every Saturday:


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