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VJ Benski - Team Optrix


VJ Benski - Team Optrix

DJ Pie

Live visual synthesis is the name of the game and BENSKI is well versed in it. This year, BENSKI will be blasting optical illusions of the purest form via his uncompressed video synthesizer known as Xnth. This crazy program synthesizers video in much the same way as an audio synthersizer and after a nearly 4 year hiatus, due to video hardware limitations, the barriers have been removed and we will once again get to ride the sound in truly live ways!


BENSKI a master of the live visual experience will take you on a journey like never before! "My VJ sets include classic psytrance greats mixed with the latest cutting edge materials and because I like to use hardware, non computer video mixer equipment, I'm able to get a very modern look before sending it off to the screen. I use the mixer to stack, blend and slam multiple visual images together resulting images that are so interesting, you can actually see the mixer reacting to my content creating something completely new! Throughout my entire content pipeline, studio to dance floor, I focus a lot on delivery trying to keep things both easy on your eyes and smooth for your brain. I know this maximizes the psychedelic effect enabling the cleanest optical hallucinatory experiences.


I'm really excited to be apart of Dimension 2018 and look very much forward to stomping in the grass with my friends again!" Past performances include events such as, Vision Quest (Japan), Earthcore (Australia), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Avalon (USA), Ozora (Hungary), Paradise Festival (Austria), Vuuv (Germany), Big Day Out (New Zealand), Dimension (New Zealand), Glade (UK), Aqua Veda (France), Transylvania Calling (Romania), Solstice (Holland), Hilltop (India), Aurora (Greece), Eclipse (Australia), Spirit Base (Hungary) and so many more! Dimension 2018 will be the celebration of BENSKI's third year in partnership with Phat Productions. BENSKI will be making several VJ sets throughout the festival including a very special 'team up' performance with VJ ICU and other members of Team Optrix, check the line up for specific times.