Ben Skewes aka VJ Benski started VJ’n in 2002 while living in New Zealand. Over the years he has VJ’d some of the largest electronic music festivals. Currently based in Europe, VJ Benski performs regular indoor and outdoor shows. 

Benski’s uses custom VJ software made in collaboration with VJ Eniac. To beat sync and twist visuals at high speed to fast bpm music, such as drum'n'bass & psytrance. 

Benski is currently collaborating with a host of VJ’s from around the globe, “find and make the best possible content,” and “deliver the widest range of custom content in the most dynamic ways possible.”

VJ partnerships include: Eniac, El Geko, P1ll, Arcane Realities, Masterdamus, Dave Arc-i, Spike-Bloom, MM Delight (RIP), Miss Random, Funkatron, Bocal-F, Dr Spook, Astronaut, FadeFX, Omananda, Hinge, Helix, Jabberwocky, Inside-us-All, Sikandia, Zoid, Newemka and many more.