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Architekt is Ben Lawrence from Auckland, New Zealand.

Ben's musical journey began with picking up the guitar when he was 14 years old. Through playing guitar, he discovered his love for creating music, and went on to form a progressive metal band and experiment with electronic music production in his teenage years.

After attending his first outdoor psytrance party in 2008 and hearing psytrance on an Opus rig, Ben realised he had found the music he had been searching for. He learned to DJ and became part of the Phat Productions crew, and began to write psytrance in 2010.

By 2013, Ben had produced and released tracks on Subsystem Records, Womb Records, BMSS Records and Mutagen Records, becoming the first artist from New Zealand to release full-on psytrance. In 2017, he played his first live set at Phat Production’s ’Dimension’ festival.

The sound of Architekt is unique and recognisable, combining high energy rhythms with meaningful synthesis which takes listeners on a ride. His debut album will be released in September 2017.