Dj Adamint first started playing tech-breaks in 2004, a dedicated vinyl only dj playing at some of the smaller hotspots around town like Supper club, Carpark, and Fu bar.

It wasn’t long for the natural progression from tech-breaks to psychedelic breaks to take form as Adamint's passion for more intricate and stimulating sound increased. Influenced by artists like Bad Tango and Andy Faze, Adamint had regular guest appearances on UPfm, sparking even deeper search into the underground alternative psy music scene. This search eventually led to the discovery of Split n Jaxta, Timelock, and Ace Ventura styled psy sounds.

Encouraging the switch to digital equipment, and channeling his selection to upbeat high energy psychedelic prog. In 2013 after submitting a thumping 2 hour prog mashup to Phat productions, he was booked for the first of the Dimension outdoor NYE events. After a strong delivery at his debut Phat gig, he was approached by a local radio station Drop FM where he took up residency on Friday nights 10-12pm. Increasingly focusing and evolving his formula the bpm slowly snuck up and his desire for more full-on sound grew. Playing at regular Phat productions events for the last three years, his passion and delivery is now at an exceptional level, Expect a high energy fast paced set tailor made to keep you on your toes and in the zone, a combination of technical style and hard hitting basslines, makes for a smooth yet progressive flow and an authentic feel.