Akasha comes from a family of music enthusiasts, passionate singers and a deeply rooted Punjabi culture that loves to celebrate festivities with dancing parties. She began listening and downloading electronic music (legendary Crystal Method) since she was 12 years old (influenced by her brother) and was addicted instantly. It was only natural for Akasha to head into a new direction of music which she was already searching for.

This occurred when she moved to New Zealand in 2006, but only found out about the psychedelic underground scene 5 years later when she was 22 and felt she had been missing out. Awe-struck by the Full-On Psychedelic Sound after her first outdoor Phat Productions Experience at Madagascar - 2012, Akasha found what she was looking for. She knew immediately she wanted to learn to Dj - lucky enough she was surrounded by DJ friends to learn. She adopted her alias AKASHA - in Sanskrit is the first element of creation, the substratum or very basic form of sound.

Two years later AKASHA was dropping sets at gigs all over New Zealand, Malaysia (her origin) and Thailand. She has played at outdoor festivals with stunning locations, clubs and boat parties. (Alien Nation 2014, Rural Remix, Aum Productions, Alternate Species, Twisted Frequencies, Trancevaders, Moon Mountain Xmas Boat Party in Thailand and Third Voice in Malaysia)..

Soon after she became a regular fixture and resident DJ at Phat Productions NZ and was ecstatic to be part of New Zealand's leading high-end productions in full on psychedelic events.

A proud member of the Phat Productions Crew, her style brings a deep and futuristic trip of sounds influenced by producers like Virtual Light, Kim, Paratech, Eclipse Echoes, Aphid Moon, Braincell, Brainiac, Haffman, Disorder, Intelligence, Attik, Martian Arts, Aardvarkk to name a few and she is already heading into a new direction of psychedelic sound. Be sure to catch one of Akasha's full power psychedelic sets at the next party!

Upcoming Gigs: 
Ocean Beats 2016 | https://www.facebook.com/oceanbeatsnz/
Infinite One New Year Festival 2016 | https://www.facebook.com/events/247188388959854/
Dimension Festival 2017 | https://www.facebook.com/events/988205204628267/