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DJ Pie

Dj Cymatic is Vijay Ravikumar.

Vijay is a chilled character who absolutely loves Full On Psytrance. His first taste was at the Phat Productions Madagascar party. Vijay uses the term “mind blasted” by Psy trance on the Opus Rig as being the best experience EVER according to him.

Soon after the “conversion” he sought to not only embrace the music, but be an integral part of it. Thus Cymatic was born. Cymatic loves slamming night time psy with influences from Bom Shanka, Wildthings Rec, Timecode/Sangoma , Purple Hexagon Records Etc.

His energy, enthusiasm, dedication, phat as f@$k basslines and twisted squelches have landed him few amazing gigs around Australia, NZ and Ireland.

There is nothing more to say, just come and check out his next set.