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Creative Projects


Big Dave

MTM(DUSK til DAWN/JP) MTM(aka Matt) grew up immersed in the Auckland punk scene of the late 80`s, and played drums in various punk/hardcore jam bands. In 1992 he moved to Australia where he continued to drum in working bands. Japan 1998 he discovered Tokyo`s exciting club scene. 2000 he made his DJ début spinning UK Hard House and Trance, and played regularly in various clubs in and around Tokyo and at outdoor festivals.

2005 his music style evolved to Full-on Psychedelic Trance, and with it created DUSK til DAWN-Psychedelic Trance Party or `DTD` at a now legendary party place known as Raver`s Café. DTD rapidly gathered steam, and being a monthly event was a stomping ground for Psy-trance DJ`s and party goers nation-wide. 2008 DUSK til DAWN hit another milestone debuting at Club ageHa, (Japan`s premiere ranking dance club experience), and continued in popularity by hosting many famous international artists such as Cosmonet, Mad Maxx, Last Men Standing, Burn in Noise, Shove, DJTsuyoshi,, Paul Taylor, CYLON, Spectra Sonics, and HATTA to name a few. The experience of organizing 60 + events in Japan, and playing at hundreds more, MTM has fine-tuned his preferred sound, and plays his sets with a heartfelt, inspired journey in mind for party goers.