Victor Quintero aka Mutana Kataro started playing music at the age of nine when he first picked up the guitar. He went on in his teens to form a punk band, but it wasn't until his early twenties that he went to his first rave party in the mountains of Mexico. This was where he had his first psychedelic experience under the guidance of Dj's like X-Dream.

Inspiring him later he became a Dj, sharing the stage with acts like Ecliptic, Hyper Frequencies, Indica, Trancemission, Sharigrama, Alien Project, Skazy, Total Eclipse, Beat on Fobia, Animalien, Vimana, Endeavour, Inducer, and many more. He has played parties throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. At the moment alongside touring he is preparing a compilation for Ovnimoon records.

Describing his style as spiritual, Mutana Kataro will be taking us back to that time in the mountains of Mexico, guiding us on our own spiritual journey with his selection of Fat Basslines ranging through 138-147 Bpm.