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Sirius Music


Sirius Music

DJ Pie

Devotional Music for the Psychedelic Generation


Sirius Music is the progressive trance project from Michael Westcot aka Terra Nine, featuring an uptempo musical odyssey into powerful yet simple grace and rhythm.


Powerful beats to move the soul as well as the body - incorporating live real time instrumentation combined with hypnotic digital soundscapes and moving imagery to excite and inspire.    

Sirius Music Releases

Terra Nine - Main Stage Samsara Hungary.jpg

Sirius Music’s debut release, ‘Lotus’, is available on Altar Records - see the link here:

The brand new Sirius Music 9-track album, ‘Gaia’s Tears’ is now finished and scheduled for release on Altar Records in December 2017. It features 6 original tracks with remixes by Manifestor and Nebula Meltdown.


Live Shows

Sirius Music has toured extensively in Europe and Australasia since 2012, with well received debut shows at Glade (UK), Sunrise Celebration (UK), Venus Love Experience (UK), InSpiral Lounge (UK), Dreameaters (UK), Bakony Psy Festival (HU), Samsara (HU), and Sun Festival (HU). Trance Adventures (Slovenia), Subsonic (AU), Dimension Psytrance Festival (NZ) and AUM (NZ). Look out for Sirius Music at a festival near you!