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Terra Nine LIVE

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Terra Nine LIVE

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Iboga Records / NZ

The Terra Nine Experience


Terra Nine, aka Michael Westcot, is the creative force behind this unique act from New Zealand - hardly your typical digital artist, combining live electric viola with lush organic synths and funky electronic beats to produce a distinctly organic and free form sound. Stylistically, his music ranges from psychedelic ambient to chilled out trance and breaks, in a unique synergy of plucked and bowed organic strings. These melodic elements are then mangled into mind bending psychedelic sounds, poured in real time over a bottom end of twisted beats and fat bass lines with uplifting emotional content that moves the heart as well as the feet.


Terra Nine Discography

Over 9 years, Terra Nine has released 3 albums and numerous EPs as well as appearing on myriad compilations. His 2007 release ~ Strange Craft ~ was a masterful mix of ambient electronica that met with critical acclaim worldwide. The 2009 album release, Stream of Consciousness, featured a unique mix of psychedelic dub, trance and chilled breaks fused with vocals and lyrics from NZ songwriter: Aviatrix, as well as international star guests: dub maestro OTT remixing the track No Return and Pete Ardron from Orchid Star, with a magical remix of Whisper.

2012 Release: Breathe (Altar)

The 2012 release of the album Breathe on Altar Records was a milestone journey into chilled psychedelic dance enchantment ~ once again featuring the magical vocals of Aviatrix, as well as awe inspiring remixes by Astropilot (Breathe) and Squazoid (Star).  Also featured on this release were Terra Nine remixes of the Astropilot ethnodelic tune ‘Memories Maze’ and the AKD trance anthem ‘Alliance of Love’. Completely unique electronica and IDM - out on Altar Records - Link as follows:

Most recent EPs:

Love Potion (Uxmal)

The April 2014 release of the EP ‘Love Potion’ (Uxmal Records) features a delicious mix of dub-soaked psybient and breaks with a dash of IDM - featuring the sensuous vocals of Radhika Dasi on ‘Love Potion’and ‘You are Light’ and Terra Nine’s virtuoso viola solos on Aleph and ‘Love Potion’. Link as follows:

Karuna Remix Project (Altar)

The Karuna remix project was released in mid-2015 - an EP featuring the extraordinary new track ‘Karuna’ composed by Terra Nine and Squazoid and remixed by luminaries such as Astropilot, Kick Bong, Suduaya, Unknown Reality (aka Braincell), Cloower Wooma and Pete Ardron (Orchid Star).  Link as follows:

Lucid Dreaming EP (Altar)

Hot on the heels of Terra Nine’s Karuna Remix EP, this new Terra Nine EP was released in late 2015 - a brand new collection of three magical tracks, forging new pathways into psybient, ambient breaks and chilled squelchy psytrance territory. Link as follows:


Upcoming Releases:

The new Terra Nine EP, ‘Heart of the Matter’ is due to be released on Iboga Records in 2017. Also keep an ear out for the brand new EP, ‘Gaia’s Tears’, from Terra Nine’s trance alter ego, Sirius Music, which is also due out in 2017. 

Terra Nine Live Shows

Terra Nine performs an awesome all-live audio/visual show featuring real time electronic viola through a multitude of twisted FX, with VJ extraordinaire INTELLIKI, providing the perfect visual accompaniment. 
Terra Nine has toured extensively over the past 7 years, performing dynamic live shows at festival events worldwide, including Rainbow Serpent (AU), Eclipse Festival (AU), Samsara (HU), Antaris (GER), S.U.N. Festival (HU), Aurora (Greece), Hadra (FR), Glade (UK), Triplicity (UK), Sunrise (UK), Waveform (UK), Sunrise Celebration (UK), Eden (UK), Alchemy, (UK), Bath Fringe Festival (UK), Venus Love Experience (UK), InSpiral Lounge (UK), Bakony (HU), Full Moon Festival (GER), Ambiosonic (FR), Al Andalus (SP), Misterika (Ukraine), Trance Adventures (Slovenia), Parihaka (NZ), Prana (NZ), Canaan Downs (NZ), AUM Psychedelic Festival (NZ) and Dimension Psytrance Festival (NZ). and Subsonic (AU). Stay tuned for a Terra Nine show near you!

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