DJ Illusion or Lee as my Mum calls me, has been doing the trance floor rounds for a few decades now, starting out as a permanent fixture on the London underground trance floors getting lost in one hypnotic rhythm after another in the late 90’s. Much shenanigans lead to many contacts, and many travels over the world picking up the skill as a DJ along the way.

From Eclipse’s in Zambia, Squats in Amsterdam, rocking Cape Town’s famous Alien Safari, and getting to play with many of my top electronic idols I ended up in NZ to play the Visionz Festival on NYE in 2002. 14 years later, and gigs in every corner of NZ and a successful stint organizing the now infamous underground Otherworld parties, I can say my 6 month stay in NZ was a good choice!.

Illusion has seen the psychedelic scene grow from the wild days of Visionz in Golden Bay and surrounding parties, Playing Alien Nation 1-4, The Full-Om parties in Wellington, being part of the huge Inner Eye events, Parihaka Festivals, Cyberculture, Soundsplash, Phat Productions, Twisted Planet, Rural Remix and Aum Production Parties, each step has always embodied a strong desire to feel like I’m always digging deep on the dancefloor, and to play the music my trance family and I love, and would want to hear in those special moments at all times. Party Music for Party People. That’s where you’ll find me… Party On!