Protocol brings his own unique style to the dance floor, Cheeky, Fun, Deep & Groovy are verbs that he himself djs by. A veteran from ’96, he draws influence from some of the old school such as Hallucinogen, Slinky Wizard, Juno Reactor and the more current Loud, S-Range, Morten Granau & MVMB.

You can expect a wide range of styles from old school to new school, such as epic build ups, drifting trance and delicious bass lines. When on the decks he has the dance floor pumping with a polished blend of energetic, fat twisty, intelligent grooves and a whomp to take your knees out with seamless mixing and precision selected tracks.

Since the inception of Protocols DJ career he has taken crowds through a first class journey playing at a variety of events such events as AUM, Phat Productions, Rural Remix, Twisted Planet, UPFM, Voyage, Luminate, Alien Nation and a whole host of local & private events.