Sarita (Sarah Beale) teaches Ashtanga yoga in several locations across Auckland including the well-loved Ashtanga yoga Centre in Grey Lynn.

Psy-Yoga started as an experiment during one of her regular class slots. A couple of students requested Psy-trance music with their yoga and Sarita thought, ‘Hey, why not?’ and it happened. People loved it, and so she made it a monthly event. Psy-yoga became a hit instantly. Nobody else in Auckland does this! The alluring combination of dynamic movement, energizing Ashtanga-based yoga flow with both fast beats and slow cosmic tunes to move to, satisfy a deep human need to connect to our own inner power. Sarita keeps the focus, breathing and traditional elements of yoga, while inviting in freedom, laughter, dance and sponteneity. A beautiful balance of two elements, music and yoga, both with intention to uplift consciousness. Accompanied by a Psy-trance DJ (DJ Kamal usually), the class starts softly, revs up to fast music and strong yoga poses, peaks with free dancing right in the middle and then begins to wind down into Psy-bient, Psy-chill soundscapes and relaxing poses. Final guided relaxation at the end lasts for about 10 minutes. After this 1 hour session in total, the student feels refreshed, alive and empowered.

A little more about Sarita: Having had a daily yoga practice for the last 6 years from which she draws her knowledge, Sarah teaches with compassion & enthusiasm. She completed her teacher training with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci in Bali 2014, and has taught since returning to NZ, with a strong drive to share the benefits of this practice with others. Sarah’s yoga classes are dynamic and energizing, with a focus on synchronizing conscious breath with movement. Her belief is that exercise should boost rather than deplete energy levels, and she treats the yoga as a spiritual pursuit more than a physical. She is a gentle, caring teacher and encourages her students not to force themselves, but to allow the breath to soften the body into the postures.