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DJ Pie

Ferksta’s selection style is difficult to box. In general Ferksta plays progressive psychedelic trance… well, most of the time. But he also loves the chunkiness of good psytech, the kick of meaty techno, and the weight of a good rolling bassline regardless of its label.

In any given set you will also experience lush organic soundscapes and atmospheric journeys swirling around and through the driving bottom end. More than anything though, it is Ferksta’s mixing style that defines his sound. He mixes very deep into each track, often layering different elements to create his own vibe. Bringing in vocal or other samples his never afraid to pitch it up or down to suit the floor, Ferksta engages with the crowd and works the mixer non-stop blending many styles through his sets to create the journey.

Ferksta has been in the scene in New Zealand and playing music for over 20 years. He co-runs a successful and loved psychedelic events organisation AUM Productions with his partner Anna and loves life and all it has to offer. What can you expect from him for Dimension? Passion, joy, great big smiles all around and some seriously fat chunky rolling morning numnums. GIDDY UP!