Phill hails from Whangarei in the Winterless Far North, but he was born in West Auckland with his Roots solidly planted in Anawhata, and is one of the players responsible for the Summer Solstice parties they've had out there for the last 12 years. 

He has been DJing for 17 years and has played for Aum (Alice, Suess, Wizard), PsyCred Alliance, Aum (Constellation) and Rural Remix. He is also a regular feature at Summer Solstice Anawhata (12 yrs) and Ocean Beats Kauri Mt (6yrs).

His flava of music is inspired by the likes of Simon Posford, Saafi Bros, Tikal, Neelix, 1200 mics, Man Made Man, Liquid Soul, Aioaska, Lish and Atmos

With a blend of chanting, key note changes and an infusion of Westie Heritage, his sound reflects the outdoors - spatially large and unquantifiable. 

The music reflects this, starting at a Deep level and continuing to lift over the course of the set to fever pitch, balls out rockin, sweat your heart out in a mosh pit, Psy Trance.

All of this simply for, "the pure joy of seeing a dance floor full of smiles and bouncing bodies. The collective energy that erupts when a body of people move in unison, both physically and in thought, is nothing less than spectacular in it's scale"