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DJ Pie


For the last 20 years the Rastaliens have been weaving their magic in the Worldwide Psytrance scene. After spending 3 years dj-ing other people's music they realized that the sound from other people was never going to cut it. Now 9 years later they have fine tuned a sound that they can call 'Rastaliens'.


Starting in a small cellar with a little sound-system just running simple software-synths and a small sequencer-program, limited the possibilities to produce a good quality sound. However, a fair amount of hard work and a lot of enthusiasm gave way to a booking from some friends in Switzerland. This first set was played on some quite old synths (Roland 101 and Korg Trident), and as you can understand the boys were more than nervous. With the feedback of their first set being well received and both feeling super happy with how they went they decided to go ahead with their crazy music. As time progressed they chalked up more bookings which gave way to acquire new sound equipment.

Then on a special day when they felt truly ready, they sent their first songs to a few different labels around the world. Infusing the samples with all their most positive vibrations ;) the coolest thing happened! Yaniv, from 'Hadshot Haheizar' released their first two songs; "FREAK BOOSTER" and "UNIDENTIFIED SPECIES". This left them feeling eternal gratitude for Yaniv and unable to explain the feeling of holding their first vinyl in their hands. After playing at many parties around the globe, Portugal, Netherland, Mexico, Greece, USA, UK, Brazil, South Africa etc. they made time for an album which was released also on 'Hadshot' and more to come on 'Boom! Rec.', 'Digital Psionics', 'Ketuh', 'Glowing Flame', 'Phar Psyde Records' and so on.