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Car  – Venue is 18 min (16.1 km) drive from Central Auckland. PLENTY of free parking in carpark.

Uber– $27 Uber from Auckland Central.  Get some friends together and share the Uber ride there and back!

Bus To the Party:

Take the Northern Express (NEX) From Britomart to Constellation Station.  

Goes every 10 mins and ride takes 20 Mins. $5 cash price.

Change to the “887” at Constellation Station – Goes :30 mins past the hour all day – last bus at 10:30pm.

Get off at William Pickering Drive you are right there (about 10 mins)

Bus From the Party

At 1am no buses running by Party but you just need to get to Constellation station (5 mins drive) – get a lift with someone. Or walk its 15 mins.

From Constellation Station back into the City – bus goes every 30 mins from midnight until 2:30.