It's awesome that you are coming to Forest Antics, it's going to be a blast for all of us!! We're celebrating Skylab’s 40th and Bianca’s birthday, so we are gonna make this one count.

As you are aware this is a private event and it's important that we all come ready for a good time and prepared to look after yourself.

This email will contain all of the IMPORTANT information about Forest Antics.


Ngatuhoa Lodge Website


The lodge is located at NZMS50 GR 656 024 Frankham Road Kaimai Mamaku ForestPark. From Tauranga, follow SH29 west to Omanawa Rd. Turn left onto Omanawa Rd and follow 13 kms to beyond seal end. Turn right into Mangaonui Road (private road). There is a locked gate 250 m from the junction; follow this road, passing the hydro weir on the Mangapapa River over the hill to Waitaia Lodge and hydro lake. Cross the dam, turn right up the hill to join Frankham Rd. Continue up this road to the Forest Park boundary; descend the hill to the Lodge. It is approx. 9 kms from the gate to the lodge.

Google Maps Link

It's about 2 hours 40mins from Auckland.  You will come to a locked gate when you enter the forest park so please read the next section carefully.


Here is how you pass the gate – READ CAREFULLY.

  1. There will be a BLUE SAFE locked to the side of the gate

  2. OPEN the SAFE with combination “2525-ENTER”

  3. Inside is the GATE KEY – remove it

  4. Unlock the GATE PADLOCK and OPEN the gate

  5. PASS through the Gate

  6. CLOSE the GATE

  7. You MUST LOCK the Gate as you found it

  8. RETURN the KEY to the SAFE, close it and make sure it's CLOSED & LOCKED

Please be sure that you do this every time you come and go. If we lose the key we can't come back to the beautiful location, so please respect this.

Then you just need to drive 10-15 mins to the Lodge itself – YAY! 


This is essentially a school camp style lodge so you will have a bunk bed and a mattress.  Linen is NOT provided, so please be sure to bring your own, as well as the basics. 

  • Sleeping Bag / Bedding

  • Pillow

  • Tea Towel (for washing up after yourself)

  • Towel

  • Vessel / Reusable Cup / Water Bottle

  • Plate and Bowl for eating, the lodge has a few but please bring your own

  • Cash (for party goods)

  • Food for 3 days

  • Alcohol & Drinks for 3 days

  • Toiletries (there will be lovely hot showers)

  • Sneakers if you want to do any outdoor activities during the day. There are awesome hikes & waterfalls in the ranges

  • Your BEST Smile!


There are bunk beds across 5 rooms that are all first come first serve. You will meet some cool people so just pick a bunk and claim it!


This experience is ENTIRELY BYO so you need to bring enough food and alcohol to supply yourself for the entire weekend – that’s two nights of party. 

Bring your own Chillibin / Eski to keep your beers cold as there is limited space in the fridge.


There is a large catering kitchen for you to do any cooking in and the one rule is YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF  AND WASH YOUR OWN DISHES PLEASE.

You need to bring your own PLATE and BOWL for eating.

We have 50 people using the space and it's awesome but doing the dishes isn’t, so please be a respectful party person and clean up after yourself.  That’s all we ask! Thank you!


So we will be there on Friday from around 3pm but please arrive after 5pm. 

We will party the two nights (Fri & Sat night), and all day on Sunday, then we can chill Sunday night. We will turn off all music that evening for a good sleep.

On Monday just do a basic tidy of your area, and you will need to leave before 9am please if that’s ok so the cleaners can do their job.

If you want to leave on Sunday evening that’s ok too.  Sunday is EPIC!

Here are the set times, SUBJECT TO CHANGE!


8:00 PM          Prana
10:00 PM        Sharkra
11:30 PM        Miss Molly
1:00 AM          Skylab
2:30 AM          Big Dave
4:00 AM          MTM
5:30 AM          Ryan
7:00 AM          Akasha
8:30 AM          Nerdy Absurdy
10:00 AM        Pie
11:30 AM        BONUS
1:00 PM          BREAK TIME / SLEEP


6:00 PM          Free Flow
8:00 PM          Prana
9:30 PM          Ryan
11:00 PM        Pie
12:30 AM       Nerdy Absurdy
2:00 AM          Akash
3:30 AM          Junky Monkey
5:00 AM          MTM
6:30 AM          Big Dave
8:30 AM          BONUS TBC
10:00 AM        Molly vs Skylab
12:00 PM        Free Flow


We will start a Facebook group chat (it may have started by the time you get this) so we can all converse leading up to the event.


We still have a few slots left, so if you know somebody you would like to bring along and show them something amazing please just forward on the event link – don’t want anyone to miss out!


Please get in contact with me - Dave  on  021 224 4584 /