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Location & Transport

Location &


Getting To Dimension



Dimension is at the address: 1207 Waimatenui East Road, Donnellys Crossing, Northland, New Zealand.

Only 3 hours drive north of Auckland, and 1 Hour from Whangarei.


By Car

Directions to Dimension are as follows:

  • Go North towards Whangarei
  • After Ruakaka take Left on Loop Rd
  • Then Turn Left on Otaika Valley Rd 
  • When you get to Maungatapere go straight ahead across road to Mangakahia Rd
  • Keep going for about 45mins then when you get to the “twin bridges” turn LEFT on Waimatenui East Road
  • Drive along there for bout 10km until you get to the LINE between Kaipara District and Whangarei District – theres the Festival Entry. The Gate to the Festival is right there on the right.
  • Drive on to the site towards the river :-)

Important Note: IF you own a 4WD Vehicle we RECOMMEND you bring it because the road can be a little steep in some parts.  Two Wheeled vehicles CAN drive in or they can be parked at the front of the site.  

We will have teams looking after the road to get you in and out safely.

By Bus to Whangarei

You can take a bus to Whangarei and then we will be offering a special shuttle service to the festival site (1 hours drive).  Details on this service are coming soon.  For now look up the New Zealand buses going to Whangarei from wherever you are.

By Aeroplane Whangarei

There are regular (relatively low cost) flights to Whangarei each day, so it could be a great option to get to the festival.  Then you can take the shuttle directly there.  Check for flights to Whangarei, they are only $99 each way normally so a easy way to get there.

Whangarei - Festival Shuttle

There will be a shuttle available to and from the festival to Whangarei.  Please note that we will be selling out each time on a particular day before we make the next one available.  You will be able to enter your mobile when you buy so you can see the exactly location of the shuttle through the app Glimpse.  We will email you on the day before your shuttle to provide you all the details.

The shuttle costs $50 each way and must be pre paid. 

It will visit the following loctions on or after the advertised times:

  • Intercity Bus Terminal, 3 Bank St, Whangarei, 
  • Whangarei Airport, 

There are two runs a

Whangarei TO Dimension

It will visit the following locations on or after the advertised times:

  • Intercity Bus Terminal, 3 Bank St, Whangarei, 
  • Whangarei Airport, Handforth St, Whangarei Airport, Whangarei 0110
  • Then head to DIMENSION (1 Hour drive)

This shuttle will go at the following times - NOTE: Only one time will be advertised at a time, next one will come available after sold out

  • Friday 3rd February: 3pm available, then 12pm available, then 6pm available
  • Saturday 4th February: 3pm available, then 12pm available , then 6pm available

Dimension to Whangarei

The shuttle will leave the Campground at the advertised times below.  NOTE: Only one time will be advertised at a time for each day, next one will come available after sold out

  • Monday 6th February: 12pm available, then 3pm available
  • Tuesday 7th February: 12pm available , then 9am available

It will drop you off to Whangarei bus terminal and the airport, depending on whats needed.

You can buy tickets below:



At Dimension

Site map is a s follows: