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Big Thanks to all that came to Weekend Safari!

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Big Thanks to all that came to Weekend Safari!

David Biggs

A massive thanks to all that came to the Safari – what a blast! Starting at midday worked a treat. The party was in full swing by 4pm and then just kept getting better and better. We managed to rinse it until 2am – great effort everyone! DJs played awesome end-to-end, and it was great seeing all the new faces. We look forward to rocking it again at Bar Africa soon, and then next February is the BIG EVENT. We're already starting to imagine what THAT’S going to b – 3 days with a sound system 4 times bigger than the baby we had at Weekend Safari! 

We recorded all of the DJ sets, so we will be releasing them over the coming weeks on our Youtube channel.  We will also provide them as downloads so you can chuck them onto your ipod and listen in the car or wherever else – great for driving or any other activity, really. First one out will be Big Dave – enjoy.

Remember, the party was in FULL swing, so get ready for the next full power Phat Productions psychedelic trance experience!