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Theme Camps

Theme Camps

Confirmed Theme Camps so far:

As part of our continued commitment to deliver the ultimate experience, we are trialling the concept of Theme Camps this year.  This is how YOU can get involved in the festival, and express your vibe at the event by creating a space for people to come and interact.

How it works is that we will have some spaces available around the festival site that you can set up your area in - the best part is some sites can take a soundsystem so you can bring speakers and set up music and play to your hearts content.

Key things to know about theme camps:

  • You still need to purchase tickets for those involved in the theme camp
  • You will need to bring your own generator
  • You will need to bring your own covering – ie Tent or Gazebos
  • You can run them as much or as little as you wantIdeas include

Ideas can include:

  • Creating a cool chill space for you and your mates and other party people
  • Making a small music zone

You will need to tell us a bit about your idea, and we will confirm if we can take it or not.  Please understand there are limited spaces and not all applications will be accepted.  


Name *
What is it going to be called?
Tell us all about it. We want detail like: Type of music, how it will be covered, what makes it awesome
Will it have speakers? *
Are you bringing generator?

We will be closing applications on the 30th of NOVEMBER 2016.  First in first served in limited sites.